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draeath t1_j0le75t wrote

> performed 34 minutes of high intensity exercise > > ... > > Serum myokine levels and cancer suppression returned to baseline after 30 minutes

That doesn't seem very useful, as a layman.

EDIT: we're not talking about the benefits of exercise in general. That's well established and I am in no way questioning that. We're talking about myokines and cancer suppression.


jewishapplebees t1_j0lnm2r wrote

It might have preventative effects on getting cancer in the first place.


TheDominantBullfrog t1_j0m8c0r wrote

So I'm totally talking out of my ass here but there's a variety of things that its important to have happen regularly in your body but not constantly. So even these short doses may have a high net benefit


How2GetGud t1_j0m5nvs wrote

Being active for half your life protects you from cancer for the rest of it, by that logic. Fitting that to a normal schedule, it makes sense. And points to sedentary life as a cancer permissive style.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j0n2jci wrote

How elevated were levels?

Exercising once probably doesn’t help a ton, but if you exercise twice a day or more for decades, it seems like it could be a massive benefit.

And the elevated levels might be prolonged in those who exercise regularly, just like a lot of things are improved only slightly by one bout of exercise but vastly improved by years of regular exercise


ResoluteClover t1_j0n5gua wrote

But think of all the exercise pills I can sell. That's useful to my wallet.