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gimmeyourbones t1_j0mj82j wrote

I'm a rehab doc. Exercise has SO MANY research-supported benefits to the body and mind, that if I were to say the same thing about any other treatment modality, people would be convinced I'm selling snake oil. It is genuinely astounding how good it is for us. If only everyone 1) wanted to do it, and 2) had a lifestyle that allowed them to exercise regularly in a safe and enjoyable environment.


is0ph t1_j0myc0l wrote

A recent study found that motivation for exercise might be regulated through the gut microbiome (

A bad diet might make people less motivated to exercise, and both those things are bad for mental and body health.


EmperorKira t1_j0nv3i6 wrote

I feel that's 100% true. Whenever I eat junk food, I'm like, I will go to the gym to burn it off, but then my body feels like it doesn't wa t to exercise later. Similarly, when I exercise, my body wants more healthy food.


zyl0x t1_j0nwq4k wrote

Microbiome doesn't change that rapidly from one meal to the next.


KuriousKhemicals t1_j0oeryw wrote

Exercise (especially cardio) is so effective for mood and appetite regulation for me that I'm experimenting with running 6-7 days a week just to get "booted up" correctly at the beginning of the day. I've always had scheduled rest days before, but they were always just less nice, and 3 km at easy pace really isn't a lot of stress on the body.