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EmperorKira t1_j0nv3i6 wrote

I feel that's 100% true. Whenever I eat junk food, I'm like, I will go to the gym to burn it off, but then my body feels like it doesn't wa t to exercise later. Similarly, when I exercise, my body wants more healthy food.


zyl0x t1_j0nwq4k wrote

Microbiome doesn't change that rapidly from one meal to the next.


KuriousKhemicals t1_j0oeryw wrote

Exercise (especially cardio) is so effective for mood and appetite regulation for me that I'm experimenting with running 6-7 days a week just to get "booted up" correctly at the beginning of the day. I've always had scheduled rest days before, but they were always just less nice, and 3 km at easy pace really isn't a lot of stress on the body.