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IlllIIllllIlIlllllll t1_j0o5ur8 wrote

Seems like classic confusion of causality. “All my friends who stopped standing up are now in wheelchairs! Go figure.”


TheDominantBullfrog t1_j0p0cs1 wrote

Not really. For the vast majority of people, not exercising is a choice they make.


KuriousKhemicals t1_j0oe4up wrote

I dunno, there's significant ground between regular running and struggling to walk. You'd think if the running wasn't helping (or an index of something else that helps, like general health motivation) then he'd know plenty of people who don't run but haven't lost much ability.


TheDominantBullfrog t1_j0p64ku wrote

It's just crabs on a barrel. According to people on this site you'd think 75% of people have a genetic metabolic condition while working 80 hours a week that prevents weight loss or exercise.


mxjuno t1_j0pbvu6 wrote

There’s a lot of data that supports it. I’m also a nurse with a master’s degree (so, extra research training!) and have seen it in the numbers and it’s glaringly obvious in real life. Anecdotally the people who are sedentary may not be dying but they are miserable af.