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Absentimental79 t1_j0n50ap wrote

Guarentee most of the people on Leo’s list etc are cam models and use only fans. Etc if your gonna be in the sex industry might as well use every means possible to make money


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Beginning_Train_892 t1_j0me06l wrote

Wow, they keep their business and or money making private enough that people don’t know about it… keep it that way.


EscapeVelocity83 t1_j0p8a2u wrote

It's not abusive. Only men working in factories should have to contribute to society


clampie t1_j0ndzjz wrote

Prostitution will always be in demand.


Discount_gentleman t1_j0of335 wrote

Most are involved on a "brief, intermittent basis." Despite the current hysteria to try to portray sex work as "trafficking," most sex work is voluntary (as much as any work is voluntary) and is a limited means to an end, not a trap or a life.


WJC2000 t1_j0pwj1u wrote

What a ‘rose color glasses’ way of looking at prostitution…


Discount_gentleman t1_j0pxmes wrote

Or maybe just a "factual" way of looking at it. I mean, it's right there in the title.


almonster2066 t1_j0nfvqy wrote

That's because there is absolutely nothing to do in Canada.


bobsmith93 t1_j0njpqz wrote

Canadian here, and I'll have you know.. yeah you're right.


yumri t1_j0ofpq7 wrote

My only complaint is the data is 6 years old. Most likely there are more than the study says there are right now.


Yotsubato t1_j0q0yrf wrote

It takes that long to gather and vet sources and finally publish results.

OF and mainstream other online sex work is a very new phenomenon


yumri t1_j0qev3e wrote

My point is the study is 2 years long the data is 6 years old. That means the data was 4 years old at the start of the study.


dasus t1_j0nvjsr wrote

"There's more of this risky/illegal behaviour than our stats would let on."

Wow, what revelations.

People were upset when the law force lefties to use their right hands was appealed, because it seemed to cause an inflation of left handed people.

No-one obviously changed their dominant hand. The stats just didn't tell the whole truth.

"I can prove anything by statistics except the truth" — George Canning


Nomore_crazy t1_j0oawt2 wrote

Sounds about right, I mean only fans is essentially porn for most folks and average porn star doesn't last more than 6months.


sudo_mksandwhich t1_j0o10fm wrote

> most workers are likely involved on a brief, intermittent basis.

You don't say.


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HuckFinns_dad t1_j0nhkod wrote

They would often pull out, but then still want to keep a hand in… which ironically, usually costs extra


somethinggeneric14 t1_j0obcbm wrote

I wonder if this means they need to prepare for a higher influx of medical needs and other health resources given the increase of potential workers


lawndartgoalie t1_j0pj4kn wrote

A Las Vegas sherif once told me that during big conventions it was not unusual to pick up school teachers and house wives for solicitation. They just came to town to earn a couple grand over the weekend.


Blunt_White_Wolf t1_j0pmjl9 wrote

involved on a brief, intermittent basis" ---> Maybe its just a hobby outside work.


thattrullan t1_j0pproq wrote

Never back down from furthering knowledge; not when there are people to do and things to see. For Science!


SexWorkPopCA OP t1_j0qlkv1 wrote

Having read thousands of ads at this point I can say that even after covid most advertisers are doing in person work.

The take away is that the industry is changing and has changed drastically from the 1980s and 1990s where is really was much more difficult for people.

I'm following up (hopefully with some help) on the 2015-2016 data with more recently collected data and adding to that a qualitative study of advertisers who either use social media or have websites.

A subgroup of these advertisers represent collectives of various kinds with between 2 and 90+ workers. Over the last 3 months on average 14% of the workers appear to have left either permanently or temporarily. Overall this group is 79 advertisers and represents between 1800 and 2000 workers. In the last month two of the websites disappeared. So it looks like there really is a substantial amount of change in terms of employment in the industry in Canada.


SexWorkPopCA OP t1_j0qm4o1 wrote

The 14% change was month to month to be clear.


EscapeVelocity83 t1_j0p82cx wrote

They need to talk about how women don't consume and why it's ok for mostly men to be if women had all the money, men would still be expected to pay


naenouk t1_j0ptu6n wrote

After many studies in Canada, about studies, studies suggest nothing ever gets done and it's the main reason the country is imploding.


Taooflayflat t1_j0novdf wrote

Don’t get married fellas.