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I_Mix_Stuff t1_j0ocknn wrote

remember Alzheimers being referred as 3rd stage insulin resistance, with diabetes being the second


Pr0gr3s t1_j0pic39 wrote

It's more "type 3", since the diabetic types aren't stages. Also, patients can show brain insulin resistance without showing peripheral insulin resistance (diabetes). That's the crazy part.


skekzok t1_j0og37d wrote

I have heard of that back when my father was alive and I researched the heck out of Alzheimers to better help him.


Smooth_Imagination t1_j0pibfj wrote

It was referred to as 'type 3' diabetes as I recall, as analogus to diabetes in the brain, I'm sure that could have covered an additional progression from type 2 but that it could manifest separately as well.