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r0cafe1a t1_j0olytm wrote

So would Metformin or a Ketogenic diet be protective in this case like for regular IR? Or when dealing with the brain and bbb treatments may be a whole different type?


Pr0gr3s t1_j0pivn4 wrote

There have been several trials with metformin. Mixed results I believe, but there's certainly something there.

Ketogenic diet confuses me as well. I've always assumed that effect is mostly mediated by immune regulation, but I'm not sure.


Agora2020 t1_j0owewt wrote

You read all over the ketogenic diet helps Alzheimer’s. But I don’t understand because keytone is supposed to be harder to break down vs glucose.


BafangFan t1_j0stxq3 wrote

Cells don't need Insulin to uptake ketones. The brain can readily burn ketones when they are available.


StuartGotz t1_j0rwzw1 wrote

In principle, a ketogenic diet keeps insulin levels steady and low, minimizing insulin resistance. People do ingest some carbohydrate (low glycemic load) and the body does produce some glucose via gluconeogenesis.