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Unwarranted_optimism t1_j0wrvge wrote

This is amazing! Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa is truly awful. Curious if the treatment can be used in the mucosal membranes as well to mitigate the malnutrition and anemia. Thanks for sharing!


rclaybaugh t1_j0x6l0z wrote

Unfortunately only 1 of the participants had the dystrophic version of the disease, all others had the recessive, simplex version. I think we should hold off on full judgement until it's proven right. Though as someone with this, I'm very excited.

Edit: I'm wrong, disregard this comment


drareaman t1_j0xakgr wrote

According to the study “all patients had recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa except for one who had dominant form.”


the_real_mvp_is_you t1_j0xeprg wrote

If this was treating EBS then the published results would have said that. Having DEB was definitely a criteria when they were recruiting. I saw the recruitment go out from DEBRA.


rclaybaugh t1_j0xkkf1 wrote

You're totally right, I was mistaken. Apologies


the_real_mvp_is_you t1_j0xpesl wrote

No worries. There are a lot of sub types of EB and it can be hard to keep them all straight if you're not living with it, or studying it.


Hurdy--gurdy t1_j0xj1s7 wrote

I would hope so. Trying to do oral surgery on a patient with EB was extremely challenging!


Zee2A OP t1_j0xds5m wrote

>Thanks for sharing!