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UnkleRinkus t1_j1n2xsy wrote

If you think Congress's attempts at regulating social media were disastrous, wait until they try to regulate applied statistics and model fitting. You can't usefully regulate something you don't understand.


TurboTurtle- t1_j1p3p4g wrote

Of course. Why try to understand something when it’s so much easier to just accept loads of money from your favorite mega corps?


Hydrocoded t1_j1pdxyr wrote

They already regulate the medical system and look how wonderful that has turned out.

Lawmakers ruin everything they touch.


Subjective-Suspect t1_j1pndnb wrote

True story: I was threatened w police intervention by my doctor’s nurse for trying to get a refill for hydrocodone the day before Thanksgiving.

I had pinched a nerve the previous week and was in substantial pain. I knew I’d run out of meds over the long weekend, so I called. They assumed I was already out of medication and accused me of abusing it. I went by the office w the partially-full bottle, to no avail. The nurse and another staffer (witness) pulled me into a room. They refused to listen or examine my med bottle. That’s when they threatened cops if I didn’t leave immediately. I left and went straight to urgent care. Prescription given.

I booked my next—and final—visit to my doctor to tell him how furious I was to be dismissed, threatened, and ostensibly left in pain for days. I told him I was never coming back and that they were damn lucky that’s all I intended to do. He claimed no knowledge of whole ugly situation. As if.