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delirium_red t1_j1pnbr7 wrote

And this is the only thing you get if you are not based in US. No one is giving you opioids prescription for teeth removal, and I know it’s extremely painful for weeks. Not so painful to risk addiction though


CaptainNoodleArm t1_j1pnn32 wrote

Without Ibuprofen it was extremely painful and they were kinda stingy with that. I had to take em for 4 weeks, without them the pain was so nagging that I was sick and couldn't eat all day. But as you say in America you get opoids like candy


Bruc3w4yn3 t1_j1q46lv wrote

I believe that the prescription ibuprofen is the same as the OTC, except it's more concentrated/higher dosage. Basically, OTC has 200mg and prescription strength has 800mg, so taking four tablets OTC is the equivalent of one tablet prescription. The prescription dose has all of the same digestive and kidney complications as taking more than the recommended OTC dosage, but it's generally considered better not to advise taking higher than advised dosages of easily accessible medications because I guess they fear that increases the likelihood of future abuse.


CaptainNoodleArm t1_j1qakcv wrote

I know, but if I'm in pain it's not properly working, also Ibuprofen abuse happens but it's far less dangerous than opoids. Also my friend was/is a doctor.