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juggles_geese4 t1_j1sg2x3 wrote

It’s interesting that Kratom gives doctors such a drug addict vibe when it’s a supplement. That doesn’t make it less addicting or ok for you but it does make it easier to stumble into. You’d think they’d be a little more willing to see that you aren’t necessarily an addict just because your dependent on it.

I’m glad they trust you again with different meds. It’s interesting that you also struggle with RLS. I wonder if that’s common in people with ADHD or what.


Puzzleheaded-Ad-5002 t1_j1snzg7 wrote

My relationship with doctors changed significantly for the worse once I opened up about taking Kratom.

I really appreciate hearing someone say that they would hope doctors would consider someone that started taking kratom as what they initiated thought was the healthier option, to not be the same as someone that was taking a drug with an totally different reputation. I wish my doctors felt the same way!

You are spot on about ADHD and RLS. Both RLS and PLM are known to be more common in those with ADHD, and the theory that I buy into the most is that it is due to how our brains have a harder time with supplying a consistent amount of dopamine.


juggles_geese4 t1_j1soxoc wrote

I’m sorry your relationship with your doctor changed so much. That sucks a ton. I have a hard time with new doctors so I’d struggle big time if something like that happened. I hope things get better, or at least that you don’t have to much of a struggle with your ADHD and other health issues mental or otherwise.

I’m going to have to look more into the connection. I don’t often talk about RLS so I never really heard anyone else mention it.