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snug_dog t1_j2lao1o wrote

Public Health information is political communication. They definitely lie to achieve political and group health outcomes. Their purpose is not individual health like a doctor and that became apparent to a lot of people during the pandemic. For example, they initially told people not to mask so they could keep the limited masks for health professionals. This made it apparent to many that they are liars that aim to manipulate us like we are children. It is no wonder many became paranoid and uncooperative after being lied to and manipulated. I wonder how it would have gone if they had been honest and asked people for cooperation?


tjcanno t1_j2lxb9g wrote

True. And then they had Sweden to point to and really question if our PH people knew what they were talking about.

Many people told me that our PH response was all about control. The govt. wanted to control us and soften us up (wear us down) with pandemic directives (store closing, masks, other controls). PH did not help this with their messaging.


arturtley t1_j2os6uv wrote

It probably would of looked like when there was a toilet paper shortage and people horded toilet paper instead of thinking about other people


snug_dog t1_j2p99fi wrote

That would be the risk, but I think those people really are a very small minority, that would be even further diminished by a call for public solidarity in an emergency.