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ElegantUse69420 t1_j2lgbzq wrote

It's interesting because (anecdotally) the same people who completely distrust the Covid vaccine and the newly developed drugs for Covid...have all their other shots...and take all other prescription drugs. For some reason they distrust the FDA and CDC only on this topic.


WaynegoSMASH728 t1_j2mf1nc wrote

Yes, to a degree. You are talking about other shots or vaccines that have decades of history, data, and success. As well as decades of use, data, and success of other prescription drugs. It is natural to be apprehensive about a new vaccine especially when its method of function has never been administered to humans in a vaccine form nor has there ever been a vaccine for this particular virus. Historically, the vaccines that we have been administered were either an inactivated virus or a live attenuated virus. MRNA vaccines have been researched for almost 30 years, but none have ever been approved for use until now. It also didn't help when the politicians were adamantly against taking the vaccine... until they got into office and did an immediate about-face. There was no uniformity or agreeance on the matter from either side of our government. They used the matter to gain votes, not to do what was best for the public regardless of popularity.


witchwidow4 t1_j2ngy31 wrote

I don't know, or my anecdote doesn't fit into a group. I am Not Conservative by any stretch. My dealings with the health care system over a lifetime have caused mistrust in the institution long before Covid & I've had bad reactions to flu vax. Ive had all the childhood shots. But that's it ( save those 2 flu vax) I Keep prescription meds at a minimum. -( none right now) because of personal experience. I saw no reason to be against masks/ carrying hand santizer/ or keeping distance though. Also, I usually choose to stay out of discussion on my choices. I wonder who else?


Jebediah_Johnson t1_j2m1xva wrote

I wonder which political figure had the biggest hand in sowing so much doubt.


ElegantUse69420 t1_j2n0guu wrote

If you're implying Trump (who I rarely defend) he's been pro vaccine mostly because he takes credit for getting it out. He's literally been boo-ed for that position by his own supporters.


Chowdmouse t1_j2nc2nh wrote

Yeah I don’t think you can say Trump is effectively pro-vaccine when he had so many months downplaying & denying the disease’s severity, longevity; the very existence of the pandemic. How much cognitive dissonance does he expect his supporters to handle when the denial went on for months, then all of a sudden an about-face in support of the vaccine? He expected to take credit for something he said was unnecessary & a political lie for months and months? Too little, too late. And what did he do as soon as he got a few “boos”? He stoped talking about it. Interesting watching Trump “screw over” himself. He could have gone down in history as a savior. Too bad instead millions more lives were lost than necessary.


Start_thinkin t1_j2niz9v wrote

Before they were elected, the current US President and Vice President literally said they wouldn’t take the vaccine developed under Trump. So yeah, those political figures had a pretty big hand in it.


j4r8h t1_j2qpeb1 wrote

Me personally, I received childhood vaccines and received flu vaccines as an adult up until last year, but now I've become skeptical of the FDAs motives, didn't receive a covid vaccine, won't be receiving any more flu vaccines, weaned myself off of a prescription medication for depression and actually have felt much better off of it, and I'm not planning on taking any more pharmaceutical products unless I absolutely have to. So yes I do distrust the FDA on all topics at this point, not just this topic. If you believe that the FDA could be lying to you about one topic, you could also assume that they are lying about many other topics.


Zetkin8 t1_j2qshqs wrote

>but now I've become skeptical of the FDAs motives

May I ask why? What has changed?


ElegantUse69420 t1_j2qzyh7 wrote

When in the hospital next are you going to refuse drugs?


j4r8h t1_j2sthff wrote

Depends on the situation and what the drugs are.


ElegantUse69420 t1_j2to2g1 wrote

Ah so you're going to be laying in a hospital bed - ill enough to be in the hospital - but will take the time to research each drug and selectively approve each as your doctor is administering care.