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penguinpolitician t1_j2mbhje wrote

Even as kids?


mcclelc t1_j2mj0rv wrote

From what I can gather, the public's interaction with a doctor depends on availability, insurance, and the patient's general health. Where I live, there are no GPs accepting new patients, so even if you have the time and resources, it is up an uphill battle. Last year I was hospitalized and when they asked about my family's history, I was able to give them fresh data because my parents (senior citizens) had just had their annual physical. My nurse was in shock and awe that my older parents (high risk population) actually saw the doctor outside of illness for preventative measures. But they live on the East coast where there are more doctors. My friends with children (all highly educated, middle class) do have pediatricians but in the last 3 years have had to fight to get their children seen. This lack of interaction with doctors and consequential lack of trust is why Biden's admin asked church leaders to guide people to make smart decisions about the vaccines.


earthhominid t1_j2o9xhu wrote

In general kids probably see the Dr more often than the adults in their lives, but living in a rural area with low average income and poor accessibility to medical services even if you are well insured I know plenty of people who don't ever go to a Dr unless it's an emergency and kids who don't even go to the Dr once a year.