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aquatogobpafree t1_j2m55wz wrote

So the facts regarding trumps lying wouldn't be one of them?

Or would you turn a blind eye to it?

Then if trumps the face of the operation how can you trust the ones working for him?

Then (not saying I've put in the effort to research if the man is corrupt but ive seen a lot of people making that claim) how do you know the peers to review the studies aren't colluding?

Look I'm vaccinated but you do need to understand there's reasons why people had a lack of trust for the man and following his instructions.

Ofcoarse suggesting everyone involved in the vaccine could be part of some scheme is a bit of a big thing to say, and once again, I took the vaccine, so I'm not saying that they are.

But really all it would need is the right people trading their honour for money, and people do that every day.

So people had a right to be skeptical, and most people weren't doing the best job alleviating their scepticism most didn't even try.