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WaynegoSMASH728 t1_j2mf1nc wrote

Yes, to a degree. You are talking about other shots or vaccines that have decades of history, data, and success. As well as decades of use, data, and success of other prescription drugs. It is natural to be apprehensive about a new vaccine especially when its method of function has never been administered to humans in a vaccine form nor has there ever been a vaccine for this particular virus. Historically, the vaccines that we have been administered were either an inactivated virus or a live attenuated virus. MRNA vaccines have been researched for almost 30 years, but none have ever been approved for use until now. It also didn't help when the politicians were adamantly against taking the vaccine... until they got into office and did an immediate about-face. There was no uniformity or agreeance on the matter from either side of our government. They used the matter to gain votes, not to do what was best for the public regardless of popularity.