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ElegantUse69420 t1_j2n0guu wrote

If you're implying Trump (who I rarely defend) he's been pro vaccine mostly because he takes credit for getting it out. He's literally been boo-ed for that position by his own supporters.


Chowdmouse t1_j2nc2nh wrote

Yeah I don’t think you can say Trump is effectively pro-vaccine when he had so many months downplaying & denying the disease’s severity, longevity; the very existence of the pandemic. How much cognitive dissonance does he expect his supporters to handle when the denial went on for months, then all of a sudden an about-face in support of the vaccine? He expected to take credit for something he said was unnecessary & a political lie for months and months? Too little, too late. And what did he do as soon as he got a few “boos”? He stoped talking about it. Interesting watching Trump “screw over” himself. He could have gone down in history as a savior. Too bad instead millions more lives were lost than necessary.