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The_Steel_One t1_j2noib1 wrote

I have had rats as pets and yes they were the best. I could actually play with them and they would reciprocate. So cute and smart they really get a bad rap. Some African pouch rats can be trained to sniff out TB in humans and even land mines.


fourthfloorgreg t1_j2nw0e6 wrote

I didn't even realize landmines could get tuberculosis!


TreAwayDeuce t1_j2nxrlv wrote

Whew. For a minute I thought he meant they needed rats to sniff out landmines that were in people.


inerlite t1_j2q46ei wrote

Noooo. The rats were trained to land mines. I guess someone else flew the mine or something idk


jereman75 t1_j2oebar wrote

I’ve kept several rats. They are really great pets. They definitely like to play and have different personalities. One of mine used to get all excited for balloons. When I would play with a balloon with my daughter, this rat would jump up in her cage trying to go after it.


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j2p61tn wrote

Would you be willing to share some cute / funny stories about them? I love hearing about people's pets.


ZZBC t1_j2q26br wrote

I had one who would sometimes decide she didn’t want free roam time to be over and hide. If I said “I think I’m going to open a jar of PEANUT BUTTER” she would come sprinting over and beg on her hind feet.


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j2q2bup wrote

OMG they have word recognition? That's awesome! She's got good taste in treats, gotta love pb!


The_Steel_One t1_j2pepst wrote

not sure if this counts or not but my rats LOVED being brushed...the looks on their little faces was pure contentment.


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j2pivx8 wrote

Still working on this one with my cats! They think it's a game and try to fight the brush.


Haber_Dasher t1_j2qk458 wrote

You might try other brushes. Just last week I accidentally discovered one of my cats is much more willing to be brushed if it's not with the cat brush we've been using.


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j2qk8l6 wrote

Hmm interesting! They usually sit still enough at the beginning for a decent run through. But I'll keep this in mind!


stryst t1_j2q8l3t wrote

check out /rats. Lots of us rat keepers there, always lots of cute pics and stories.

Warning... you WILL want to start keeping rats!


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j2q8vws wrote

I don't think that would be nice for them, as we have cats already. I don't want to distress the other pets by having their predator around.


stryst t1_j2qpnfw wrote

Ive successfully mixed rats and cats, but the cat was raised around rats and was... kinda of passive.


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j2qq8mu wrote

I'm definitely more worried about one of them being aggressive. My big girl is more chill, but my little runt baby is more fighty and bitey.


Ray_Mang t1_j2pu0bw wrote

Yea my parents were not happy when I came home with a new pet rat in middle school and they ended up saying she was one of the best pets we’d ever had. She was as affectionate as a dog. When my parents would hang out and watch tv in the evening, she’d hang out with them for hours. Either on one of their shoulders or laying between them.


RattusDraconis t1_j2p97be wrote

Agreed!! I loved my girls, so much fun and such awesome personalities. I had one who gave 0 fucks about anything greasy, meaty, etc. and preferred vegetables to the point of eating those first and not touching other stuff. I had others who went nuts if they so much as smelled snacks on your breath and they didn't get a nibble. One who'd get instantly jealous if you didn't share chocolate, and would try to pry your mouth open to get the unshared chocolate. Another I could let free roam 24/7 if I wanted, she was such a good girl.

I know the organization you're talking about! They do a lot of good work to improve lives.


Stylebender007 t1_j2q12i1 wrote

That’s why I don’t kill the god damn mouse with a pellet gun cause I’ll feel bad