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n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j66d7lq wrote

having a mentally ill parent that's unmedicated adds a bunch of elements that absolutely mess up their childs life.


[deleted] t1_j665ec6 wrote

“The correlation was not found in sons.”

Sons with hot moms have it rough this makes total sense


chrisdh79 OP t1_j65yfhm wrote

From the article: A new study on a large sample of mothers and daughters provides evidence that mothers with healthier lifestyles tend to have daughters with fewer depressive symptoms. The link appeared to be achieved through the healthy lifestyles of daughters. But this association was not present in sons. The study was published in Psychological Medicine.

The prevalence of depression among adolescents had seen an increase in recent years. In the United States, estimates show that 8.7% of adolescents had a depressive episode in the past 12 months in 2005, but this percentage grew to 11.3% in 2014. Around half of adolescents diagnosed with depression or major depressive disorder, as it is officially called, also suffer from other psychiatric disorders. In adults, depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.

While there are biological factors that increase the risk of depression, a growing body of scientific research shows that modifiable healthy lifestyle factors can reduce depression risk. “A healthy diet, non-smoking, being physically active, having a normal body mass index (BMI), and light-to-moderate alcohol consumption are independently associated with less depressive symptoms among adults,” wrote Wei-Chen Wang and colleagues in their study.

The researchers wanted to investigate whether the lifestyle of mothers during their offspring’s childhood and adolescence might be associated with depression in their children. They defined the healthy lifestyle of mothers in terms of eating a healthy diet, having a normal body-mass index, never smoking, being physically active, and having light-to-moderate alcohol consumption.


DamonFields t1_j69etcq wrote

It's almost like healthy lifestyles make for healthy humans.


evrfighter t1_j68zpeo wrote

Kids of parents with healthier lifestyles have fewer depressive symptoms...

Doesn't take a scientist to understand that mentally strong and happier parents have happier kids. This study seems like a waste of money


Howfartofly t1_j6c4arm wrote

That kind of correlative study makes me always wonder, what is really the cause and what is the result. It might as well be, that mothers, with genetic inclination for depression have harder time developing healthy lifestyle and so do their daughters.


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GoddessOfFire71 t1_j6ablno wrote

Raising hand! Unhealthy for 50 yrs


Tim_Allosaurus t1_j6b7jbo wrote

Sometimes the studies posted here are like the equivalent of “Study finds that water makes grass wet when it rains”


yourmomma77 t1_j6c4by7 wrote

Parents with healthier lifestyle might have less depression and therefore their kids do as well. Seems more like correlation not causation.


slickhedstrong t1_j66fd89 wrote

healthy women create healthy women.

and without a single man to blame or have input.