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kiase t1_j2ulfnk wrote

If you’re going to take the time to correct someone’s comment, you should make sure the information in your comment is correct as well. At the end of the study, 77% of those who had T2D for less than a year achieved remission. It was 51% of the overall cohort, and 20% for those who have been diagnosed for >15 years.

Also worth noting psychosocial support and educational materials were only provided to the low-carb group. They also make reference to the fact that the only other low-carb study that showed similar results also had similar weight loss results. I mean it obviously makes sense for a T2 diabetic to limit carbs because of its direct effect on blood sugar, but glycemic index is far more important and it appears from the results that the effectiveness of a low-carb diet is dependent on early intervention, social support, and weight loss.


Vanman04 t1_j2vqu7m wrote

Is it really remission though?

It lowered their A1c but that would be expected in a low carb diet anyway would it not? I agree glycemic index is far more important but eliminating carbs by it's nature is going to eliminate the vast majority of things with a high glycemic index.