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Grunslik t1_j2uu0xu wrote

Ah, another "this works exactly as expected" study. So drugs designed to hinder the body's immune system lowered patients' immunities? I'll notify the Nobel committee immediately!

I know these studies have to be done to establish the science, but they're still a bit funny to me. :)


gortonsfiJr t1_j2w9j3r wrote

The studies may need to be done for science’s sake, but the need for them on a science news and discussion forum seems somewhat limited, no?


iam666 t1_j2zq8cc wrote

That’s never stopped people from posting here before. At least this one has an accurate title.


Mashallallauhakhbar t1_j2wflv2 wrote

You know how it is. Monkee see newsarticle about covid, monkee thinks free internet points, monkee post


GETitOFFmeNOW t1_j2y40ea wrote

It's interesting to note that the drug that was pushed by Trump, hydroxychloriquine (Plaquenil) is used as an immunomodulator for lupus and Sjogren's patients (though, it's usefulness in that regard is being questioned.)


samanime t1_j2yltdn wrote

Okay, glad someone smarter than me said that. I read the headline and was like "...isn't that what we'd expect?"


discgman t1_j2v8csi wrote

Yes we in RA community already are aware of this. Is why we stop meds when we get vaccinated


braellyra t1_j2v9g8q wrote

I was told not to stop my meds, since I flare really easily and I’ve already failed 2 DMARDs (infections and frequent stopping due to the infections which then made them less effective against the flares) ugh. RA is just the gift that keeps on giving.


smokinsuzy2000 t1_j2wl0b8 wrote

I'm on immunotherapy for RA and Regeneron reached out to me to say not to take any vaccines. So I said, right I shouldn't take live vaccines. Their reply? No vaccines. I couldn't believe that coming straight from big pharma.


braellyra t1_j2x2ncn wrote

Woah, that’s a bit ridiculous. My rheumatologist—and every rheumatologist I’ve spoken with since getting diagnosed almost 10 years ago—has said the more non-live vaccines the better, and I should get vaccinated against as many things as I possibly can. Maybe it varies by the specific action of certain RA meds? (DMARDs vs TNF blockers vs etc)


libananahammock t1_j2xtv4s wrote

I have scleroderma and my rheumatologist said the same thing. Even said that my husband and kids should be up to date on their covid and flu vaccines to help protect me as well


GnomieOk4136 t1_j2xq35x wrote

I was told not to stop the first time, and I ended up having reduced response. The second time I did stop, and I got the jou of a flare and a full blown Covid shot response at the same time. Most miserable month in my memory! My doctors were VERY clear though that I had to have the vaccines and needed to be extraordinarily careful even after I got them. RA with biologics makes our risks so much higher. Worst gift ever!


Mec26 t1_j2vd1lj wrote

I have MS, was told to get evusheld basically cuz the vaccines, while important, were never gonna work-work for me, if I want to keep the MS at bay.


Peteostro t1_j2yrj77 wrote

The question (not sure if this study answers) is if you go off immune suppressant, get the vaccine and then go back on a month or so later does it reduce your chance of fighting off Covid. I would assume the answer would be yes? My doc wants me to go back on my medication (stopped it in 2020 for Covid) and said they haven’t seen any more increased Covid severity with their patients on immune suppressant medications. Not sure if this is just them being optimistic. This study seems to contradict what they told me.


EvokeNZ t1_j2v4mr1 wrote

I thought this was known from the start. In NZ anyone who is immunocompromised is eligible for three primary doses and two boosters. Also advice was given to skip immunosuppressants during the vaccine week.


Person012345 t1_j2vqkdi wrote

So immuno-suppressants supress the immune system. Got it.


Dapper-Goat4408 t1_j2vj2qz wrote

Anyone have the vaccine exacerbate their autoimmune disease? Mine was so bad I have basically a “no more mRNA shots” on my medical records.


datgrace t1_j2vnxjg wrote

There are a few research papers on it leading/contributing to developing autoimmune diseases so I don’t see why not

I got dermatographia from it which has been fun


Dapper-Goat4408 t1_j2vo72x wrote

Oh I’d love to read them. I never had autoimmune before I had this vaccine. Autoimmune runs in my family though so I may have been destined for it eventually.


Mountainstreams t1_j2w2o22 wrote

The risks of POTS after Covid-19 vaccination & SARS cov2 infection POTS isn’t a typical autoimmune in how it’s treated but it’s triggered by shocks to the immune system. My wife developed it along with a few other autoimmune issues after her 2nd Covid vaccine. I’d imagine Covid could also be a trigger for new autoimmune conditions too. Here’s another paper that lists a few autoimmune diseases including RA. New-onset autoimmune phenomena post-COVID-19 vaccination


Peteostro t1_j2yss3v wrote

“authors showed that the odds of new POTS-associated diagnoses following natural SARS-CoV-2 infection were more than five times higher compared to the post-vaccination period”


HyperAad t1_j2w6fn9 wrote

If you're male don't worry too much. If you're female, also don't worry too much, great progress is being made in the autoimmune disease research field.


bmaggot t1_j2wf09z wrote

Yeah. AS/PA.

But I got COVID later and it was way worse and much longer with the pain. And gastritis since.


Arvis1983 t1_j2vlbux wrote

I take immunosuppressants for an organ transplant

My docs concern was I wouldn’t develop immunity as well, but I got super sick from the 1st I took.

I’ve had my boosters, and fortunately have not contracted COVID. Im careful about crowds, and work from home, but I don’t mask anymore

I do thinks there’s validity to this, but it’s case-by-case as well


Mumblerumble t1_j2wqpij wrote

On humira. Very aware of how it’s likely to blunt the effectiveness of immunizations. I was extremely careful when the pandemic was particularly intense and I’m back to being a hermit again. Oh, well.


RuinedBooch t1_j2wegtk wrote

Immuno-suppressants suppress the immune system, you say? Preposterous!


czerniana t1_j2xfdwc wrote

I’ve got MS and am on immunosuppressants. We on them are also aware of this. It just makes sense. I appreciate that we needed to know by how much the difference would be, but still…. Not surprising. Reminds me I need that last updated booster. Maybe I’ll schedule that soon.


startrekgeek1966 t1_j2wofit wrote

I think people are reaching for a simple dissertation subject with the best intentions but don’t think it through to its logical conclusion.


funchefchick t1_j2ysjm8 wrote

Not all immunosuppressants are equal, is the thing. The one I take (Enbrel) did NOT suppress COVID vaccine immune response - not one bit.

Some months after my first 2 Moderna doses I was having some blood work done, so we added a COVID antibody test to the list. I've never had COVID. (knock wood).

1.0 units per milliliter (U/mL) or higher indicates the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Anything less means no antibodies detected.

Mine was 212.

When I pressed my rheumatologist later to get a dose of EvuSheld for safety . .. they explained that since my immune system is responding to the vaccine doses and building antibodies - despite me taking immunosuppressants weekly - I don't need EvuSheld as much as people who are NOT responding to vaccines.

So yeah. Your immunosuppressant mileage may vary.


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e-rinc t1_j2ybszn wrote

I’m on pretty close to max dose per kg of inflectra and thankfully have been able to avoid covid so far. Double boosted and mindful, but also just lucky I’m sure. Those first few months were scary af - before we really knew anything about how it traveled and things.


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aSharkNamedHummus t1_j2vclmi wrote

Cool that you can control your symptoms with diet. Some of us can’t. Granted, I’ve never taken immunosuppressants to manage my IBD, but I fully understand the people who do. Chronic, never-ending flares can wreck your physical health and will wreck your mental health.