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Grunslik t1_j2uu0xu wrote

Ah, another "this works exactly as expected" study. So drugs designed to hinder the body's immune system lowered patients' immunities? I'll notify the Nobel committee immediately!

I know these studies have to be done to establish the science, but they're still a bit funny to me. :)


gortonsfiJr t1_j2w9j3r wrote

The studies may need to be done for science’s sake, but the need for them on a science news and discussion forum seems somewhat limited, no?


iam666 t1_j2zq8cc wrote

That’s never stopped people from posting here before. At least this one has an accurate title.


Mashallallauhakhbar t1_j2wflv2 wrote

You know how it is. Monkee see newsarticle about covid, monkee thinks free internet points, monkee post


GETitOFFmeNOW t1_j2y40ea wrote

It's interesting to note that the drug that was pushed by Trump, hydroxychloriquine (Plaquenil) is used as an immunomodulator for lupus and Sjogren's patients (though, it's usefulness in that regard is being questioned.)


samanime t1_j2yltdn wrote

Okay, glad someone smarter than me said that. I read the headline and was like "...isn't that what we'd expect?"