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discgman t1_j2v8csi wrote

Yes we in RA community already are aware of this. Is why we stop meds when we get vaccinated


braellyra t1_j2v9g8q wrote

I was told not to stop my meds, since I flare really easily and I’ve already failed 2 DMARDs (infections and frequent stopping due to the infections which then made them less effective against the flares) ugh. RA is just the gift that keeps on giving.


smokinsuzy2000 t1_j2wl0b8 wrote

I'm on immunotherapy for RA and Regeneron reached out to me to say not to take any vaccines. So I said, right I shouldn't take live vaccines. Their reply? No vaccines. I couldn't believe that coming straight from big pharma.


braellyra t1_j2x2ncn wrote

Woah, that’s a bit ridiculous. My rheumatologist—and every rheumatologist I’ve spoken with since getting diagnosed almost 10 years ago—has said the more non-live vaccines the better, and I should get vaccinated against as many things as I possibly can. Maybe it varies by the specific action of certain RA meds? (DMARDs vs TNF blockers vs etc)


libananahammock t1_j2xtv4s wrote

I have scleroderma and my rheumatologist said the same thing. Even said that my husband and kids should be up to date on their covid and flu vaccines to help protect me as well


GnomieOk4136 t1_j2xq35x wrote

I was told not to stop the first time, and I ended up having reduced response. The second time I did stop, and I got the jou of a flare and a full blown Covid shot response at the same time. Most miserable month in my memory! My doctors were VERY clear though that I had to have the vaccines and needed to be extraordinarily careful even after I got them. RA with biologics makes our risks so much higher. Worst gift ever!


Mec26 t1_j2vd1lj wrote

I have MS, was told to get evusheld basically cuz the vaccines, while important, were never gonna work-work for me, if I want to keep the MS at bay.


Peteostro t1_j2yrj77 wrote

The question (not sure if this study answers) is if you go off immune suppressant, get the vaccine and then go back on a month or so later does it reduce your chance of fighting off Covid. I would assume the answer would be yes? My doc wants me to go back on my medication (stopped it in 2020 for Covid) and said they haven’t seen any more increased Covid severity with their patients on immune suppressant medications. Not sure if this is just them being optimistic. This study seems to contradict what they told me.