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slo1111 t1_j689ygu wrote

Nice study.

A good visual

Vaccinated and with covid.
-108 had no symptoms -206 had any type symptoms

Not Vaccinated and with covid

  • 57 had no symptoms
  • 88 had symptoms

That is a rather drastic difference and supports the end premise.

The only thing that could be warranted to further scrutinize is gaging whether the covid test type could introduce enough possible false positives to change the end results. Maybe it is addressed but I missed it. If I recall 20% of the tests were the quick test.


psyon t1_j697spv wrote

Why do those numbers show a drastic difference? 57 of 145 is 39% with no symptoms, and 108 of 314 is 34% with no symptoms.


slo1111 t1_j6oujdm wrote

I can see my ability to gage ratios is suspect. Thanks for the correction.

It does make me wonder if the quick covid test type could alter the results although it appears false positives are not a big issue with the tests as false negatives are.


meco03211 t1_j699x6x wrote

>Vaccinated and with covid.
>-108 had no symptoms >-206 had any type symptoms

Did I read the table wrong? Isn't that all pregnant women?