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DollyPartWithOn t1_j2xd9lv wrote

Soon, the NIH will have its groundbreaking study showing Long Covid affects 23-25% of the population, affects mostly women, and those with symptoms.


Elanapoeia t1_j2y1yhd wrote

If you don't like science you're free to not follow a subreddit all about science


DollyPartWithOn t1_j2zls92 wrote

I don't understand the unfriendly attitude here or the assumption that I don't like science. If you knew the history of the NIH and CDC, then you'd understand.


zaiyonmal t1_j2ylq57 wrote

Just admit you don’t understand how science works.


DollyPartWithOn t1_j2zk14q wrote

Whatdya mean? Of course, I do. Scientists have to do similar survey studies to replicate findings even if the same findings have already been found 20 or more times so they can get paid from their universities or governments.


zaiyonmal t1_j2zkxsu wrote

If you think scientists like me are in it for the money, boy do I have news for you. Stick to your anti-work ethic whilst we improve your life for peanuts.