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Timirninja t1_j30c5z6 wrote

Women likely to report post-Covid syndrome, study finds


PennName47 t1_j328iue wrote

Uh, what? Was this a shot at women, or are you just ignoring the other risk factors for some reason?


Timirninja t1_j32918k wrote

That’s my opinion. Summarising the findings. Men are likely to complain less, care about their health less, visit doctors less and simply disregard their degrading physical condition on aging


PennName47 t1_j32bpjp wrote

….all this means is that it’s likely underreported among the male cohort. Not sure why you’re singling it out as women report more. It’s more that men report less. And that’s also just one aspect of the findings. The startling number of people with long COVID in the study is more salient.


Timirninja t1_j32cmgr wrote

Glass half full or half empty. Tomato tomato


PennName47 t1_j32d839 wrote

No no, I think the distinction is very important. If your hunch is correct, and men are underreporting their symptoms, that means studies like this could be giving the wrong impression and a false sense of security to men. They may take more risks and not seek early treatment that could change the outcome of their long-term health. Just saying “women report more” can obfuscate the more salient point that men might be reporting less but are actually at more risk of long-COVID than they think.