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BovaDesnuts t1_j6fwd0l wrote

Friendly reminder that torturing loggers to death and leaving their corpses for their buddies is generally a successful tactic to prevent logging. The indigenous brazillian way.


9273629397759992 OP t1_j6fwag4 wrote

Plain language summary:

This study found that Indigenous territories and protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon are responsible for more than half of the region’s forest, but only 5% of total net forest loss. The authors of the study attribute this to the weakening of environmental protections under former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and suggest that the newly installed Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva must bring back stronger protections for the Amazon, including international cooperation and financing. Indigenous leaders such as Amanda Kayabi, who works with the Xingu Seed Network, emphasize the importance of Indigenous peoples in protecting the Amazon and suggest that demarcation alone is not enough to reach the deforestation goals.


half_dragon_dire t1_j6gcrc0 wrote

My strategy gamer.instinct is to figure.out how large an average group is and how large an area they protect, and then start apprenticing volunteer forest defenders to amicable indigenous groups to form a defensive line around the most threatened areas.


dumnezero t1_j6hdvyc wrote

And the price for that is the conflict they're fighting with settlers and miners.


modsarefascists42 t1_j6jbl4t wrote

No wonder bolsanaro wanted to murder them. Surprise surprise he fled the country as soon as it was obvious he couldn't do a successful coup to stay in power. And guess what piece of crap country took that brutal dictator in? Why the same one that helped put him into power, the United States.


Serious-Employ6334 t1_j6hyiuq wrote

From someone who was in the hardwood business this is also an economic issue. Deforestation there is one in which the trees were burned because the lumber was not worth much and when the trees were removed crops could be grown.


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StevenTM t1_j6m78if wrote

The title sounds a bit off. How many indigenous territories are not protected areas? Seems like there's so little deforestation because they're protected areas, not because they're indigenous territories, no?