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Mikel_S t1_j32scs9 wrote

We 100% should do our best to ensure we do as little damage as possible to natural habitats, but those bats are going to have a harder time living on a dead earth than one with wind turbines.


o0oo00o0o t1_j346u7l wrote

Don’t know about Finland, but I work in environmental engineering in the US and in the mandated environmental reviews we do for these types of projects there is literally an entire chapter devoted to bats and their habitats in order to ensure whatever negative impacts that might result from the project are properly mitigated


mediandude t1_j3a8wwt wrote

But do you also do that for marine mammals (and fish) on shipping noise?
And what about radars for air travel?


o0oo00o0o t1_j3ax77w wrote

Yes to all. There is a chapter on marine mammals and several chapters on different kinds of fish. These reports are thousands of pages long and take 5-10 years of study and analysis.


mediandude t1_j3bs5pg wrote

The whales and dolphins are still mass dying.


Vinto47 t1_j34psl6 wrote

If they eat bugs they’ll do fine either way.