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AbsolutelyNoHomo t1_j346raa wrote

Pretty sure that the pressure gradient upstream/downstream of a turbine fucks up their ears.


_off_piste_ t1_j34v9f8 wrote

That’s not indicated by this study. I don’t know how to quote on mobile in app but here are some relevant paragraphs:

“Our results showed that bat presence was impacted by the presence of wind turbines as both studied groups were found more often further away from the wind turbines. Northern bats were repelled up to 800 metres from the wind turbines, but for the Myotis species the negative impact of wind power was even greater than one kilometre, which was the maximum distance we studied”, summarises lead author, Doctoral Researcher Simon Gaultier from the University of Turku.

“Regarding the results, it is not yet clear if bats avoid the wind turbines themselves, or the surrounding area”, explains Simon Gaultier, and continues: “In Finland, building turbines in forests requires cutting down a number of trees and building large roads to bring turbine parts to the construction sites. Bats like the Myotis don’t like these kinds of changes and prefer dense forests with no open areas. This could be the explanation as why they tend to avoid wind farms.”

Other explanations, such as the noise and lighting emitted by wind turbines or the impact of these machines on insects, have been proposed as potential causes behind bats’ avoidance of wind farms. Regardless of the real causes, this avoidance can drive bats away from habitats that are important for their movement or feeding. This consequence is exacerbated when considering the cumulative effect of all wind turbines already operating or planned in Finland.


Fabznz t1_j35amx2 wrote

They could record the sound the turbines make and set up some speakers in the forest and see if it fucks the bats up