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Zeal514 t1_j32zoab wrote

Eh. Ecosystems are quite fragile. We don't know the repercussions of this, it seems to be effecting local flying animal life, which way lots of insects, and the insects can be devastating to local fauna, farms, and even humans. It doesn't matter many bats to help clear an area of mosquitos for instance.

Your comment reads like someone who is desperate to defend wind energy, and prove it is "right", rather then trying to find the best path forward.


ShelZuuz t1_j33kwco wrote

Birds killed from Wind Turbines: 1 million per year.

Birds killed by cats: 2.4 billion. Windows: 800 million. Vehicles: 200 million. Power line collisions: 25 million.

But let’s get rid of the Wind Turbines…


Tobias_Atwood t1_j33m3yn wrote

Also fossil fuels kill more birds than wind or solar per megawatt generated by several orders of magnitude.

Like, there's just no comparison. If you want to protect birds you build wind turbines.


Zeal514 t1_j33lh0w wrote

I mean.. I'd Link you a study that says effects of wind turbines is largely unknown, but it shows that bats are being driven away from habitats as a result, but something tells me you'd simply ignore it, and just go with whatever information backs your argument up, rather then pursuing truth. But hey, maybe I am wrong.... O wait, this post is literally a link to that exact study, how convenient.


o0oo00o0o t1_j3476z4 wrote

I work in environmental engineering in the US and in the mandated environmental reviews we do for these types of projects there is literally an entire chapter devoted to bats and their habitats in order to ensure whatever negative impacts that might result from the project are properly mitigated. These reports are heavily researched, technical, and available for the public to review and comment on before a project moves forward