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Crazybballmom t1_j36fmja wrote

Flying animals such as bats and birds are obviously at high risk. While currently not a overwhelming number of birds die due to the small number of wind turbines in the US, the ones that do are usually birds of prey. Bats being pollinators pose another high risk. Not to mention they are considered endangered in parts of the country and limit construction during certain times of the year. That's not to say there should be no wind farms but they should be judicial about location and sizes. Like anything, there can be too much of a good thing. And for those that don't know some of the new blades and other equipment require special oversize trucks to carry them. That means they need to first improve (design and construct improvements) the roads and intersections (to make turns), trim and remove trees and, relocate above ground conflicting utilities along the entire journey they take to their destination . This is all just to get the equipment to the destination. And get permits to use the streets in each municipality the oversize trucks travel through. Wind farms are a complicated venture and this is just one aspect in addition to the animal deaths. What solves one problem ( clean energy) has the unfortunate issue of creating others.