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You’re correct! Psychedelic use is hardly anything new. Even animals use psychedelics, the same way cats like catnip, jaguars chew a plant that is used to produce DMT/Ayahuasca. Dolphins get high from pufferfish, and Big Horned Sheep vibe on some psychedelic lichens.

Nature is pretty neat.


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I have a Chinese friend who was smoking hella weed and doing plenty of psychedelics back in the 90s


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Science is unnecessary, we’ve got this anonymous person’s anecdote.


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And you’re really taking my comment, worded as it is as some refutation of science?


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Is somebody writing this down? Because it’s not a science until you writes it down.


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I think this study has a lot more to do with the differences in how modern racial cultures have been raised to view psychedelics, rather than the history of psychedelic use among tribes/archaic cultures, personally.


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Tibet has been known to use them for a long while, so that's at least half your question answered.


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i believe iboga, from which ibogaine is derived, is native to central africa and is currently used to treat opioid/heroin addiction


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It is! Some people report very positive results!

I’ve known people who ran underground clinics for shamanism in fighting addiction. Interesting bunch of people.


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I would wager there are poorly documented or culturally roped off (in the sense that western society just isn’t privy to the knowledge of yet) psychedelics used all throughout those regions. The size of traditional medical and shamanistic systems in Africa and Asia are immense and no less complex than were the ones in Europe, the MENA region, and the Americas. It’s just not open to the western mind fully yet. I believe ibogaine is from the medicinal arsenal of Central African Pygmy (would love to know if there’s a better collective word for these peoples as this is clearly an outdated term still being used) peoples like the Mbuti and Mbenga who have quite a distinct lifestyle and background compared to surrounding Africans who likely have their own equivalents too.


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Weed can have or enhance a psychedelic experience. Weed after mushrooms have peaked is an entirely different experience. For me, hash and tobacco makes everything go steamboat Mickey. I’ve had ABV edibles that gave me soft kaleidoscope visuals.

I don’t intend on trying opiates, but I’d imagine the combo could be very different from the individual effects.


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It’s a sure bet that if it’s plant, fungus, or animal the Chinese have been using it for thousands of years.


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As someone who’s African American , usually we are afraid of any thing mind altering , because of social stigma


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I was thinking about that. I don’t even know whether this study is valid (the source is notoriously unreliable) but my limited personal experience (white male 49) with psychedelics back in the day was almost entirely environmentally dependent. In a comfortable and safe environment I had healthy and enjoyable experiences. When the environment had the danger of any sort of problem I had paranoid and terrible experiences.

It stands to reason that minorities (with generally greater reason to fear some external intrusion) would collectively have worse experiences.

Which then leads me to believe any potential therapeutic benefits for minorities would require extra consideration of the environment (physical and otherwise) in which the therapy was undertaken.


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idk if it’s because i’m from an impoverished black area (Brooklyn, NY) but everyone i know even in my immediate family except my mother and grandma does some type of drug where are you from?


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sorry this was for u/socialsanityy i was actually smoking a spliff while typing that


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Down south , Florida . I should’ve stated which mind altering drugs exactly , I know lots of us have no problems with weed , but anything beyond that is a no no in our community .


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There’s no shortage of blacks who use PCP in combination with marijuana. It’s hardly a ‘no no’ - not daily abuse but plenty of incidents throughout the US of PCP being more common in black community use than Hispanic or white users.


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That doesn’t go against this study though..what’s your point?