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DogsBeerYarn t1_j35lgcs wrote

It's an interesting line of questioning, but the study cited in the article doesn't account for a whole lot of confounding factors. Drug use patterns are very strongly correlated to race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic class. That is, even if rich people and poor people or white and black folks all use weed, the circumstances, frequency, and attitudes around their use of weed can be very different. When it comes to psychedelics, that has an enormous impact on their effects, both immediate and long term. Set, setting, and integration are a giant part of one's experience of psychedelics, and those are very different between different groups of people.

It should certainly be studied closely as research opens up, but the article doesn't really get into what those data do or don't show. There's no reason to suspect there's a non-social mechanism for different effects by race and ethnicity.