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theluckyfrog t1_j34t6e4 wrote

All this time and the medical community still struggles with antibiotic stewardship.

If a secondary infection actually exists, by all means treat it with the appropriate antibiotics. But prophylactically, absent other indications? Knowing how many ways that could go wrong?

On a more anecdotal note, in the last 10 years I have been offered oral antibiotics for, that I can remember, 1) mild acne that was not causing pain, distress or scarring, 2) an uncomplicated skin abscess (sounds like abx might be indicated, but they're typically not), 3) red itchy eyes the cause of which was not determined, 4) a small cut on my thumb that was kind of infected looking but which quickly healed with just soaking in salt water, 4) an uncomplicated outer ear infection (again, sounds like abx might be indicated, but they often aren't), and 5) a sore throat for which no testing was performed.

(If you're wondering why I was at the doctor with such minor ailments if I didn't want them to treat me, it's because I have a couple chronic issues I have regular visits for and they ask general constitutional questions. But some of the antibiotics they've tried to have me take are actually extra contraindicated for a person with my condition. It was a pharmacist who had to tell me that.)


evanmike t1_j358r87 wrote

Same. I've been through the hospital a lot over the years because of accidents and surgeries. I was prescribed antibiotics soooo many times and never took any of them since i never had an infection. I would take an antibiotic if I had an infection


Amaranth_devil t1_j38kbq7 wrote

I think the strangest thing is how people load up on antibiotics when they have a virus, e.g. a cold. You'd think the prescriber would be real and inform the idiot patient that antibiotics work towards bacteria and not viruses but they've gotta make their money somehow...i guess. And people wonder where cynicism's birthplace resides.


jjdude67 t1_j36sevc wrote

Why are they prescribing antibiotics for a viral infection? Of course the intestinal flora will change from the antibiotics. The food we intake has the most influence on the gut. Americans eat like garbage so expect a bad balance of microbes. There is no way around this. Antibiotics are overused and ultimate caveat emptor in the way they are prescribed. I do think the doctors should really fix this issue.


Coenclucy t1_j36ukx4 wrote

Yeah good point. Where do they even prescribe antibiotics for viral infections?


[deleted] t1_j37d2kt wrote

Urgent care clinics do it all the time. They just need to be sure you survive long enough to make it to your Primary Care doctor, and so they do things that are not necessary as a precaution (in case you don’t go)


carlitospig t1_j3m67ad wrote

They prescribe z-packs for viral strep all the time, even though it’ll go away on its own.


Amaranth_devil t1_j38kvtd wrote

I just made a comment about that! Like, are people really so dense that they really believe that an antibiotic is going to kill a cold? Are healthcare providers so greedy and lacking in dignity and integrity that they will sell their patient's health away for money? Yes. The answer is yes, to both.


[deleted] t1_j38n7qx wrote

Nope. Healthcare providers don’t make more money by giving out prescriptions.

  • some do it because they are being asked/bullied by the patient, and are too weary to argue.

  • some do it because it is (true story) the SEVENTH time the same patient showed up to the clinic for the same common cold

  • some do it because they are not confident in their own diagnosis and don’t want a lawsuit

  • some do it because they can’t trust the patient to get proper follow up care

  • some do out it because they are bad doctors

But it’s never for money.


CalmButAntsy t1_j37ckyq wrote

Would explain my sensitive stomach post covid. Been drinking a lot of kefir and that seems to help.


whorgans t1_j3a7tip wrote

I just had Covid for the first time and I didn’t have any meds beyond OTC like Tylenol, Sudafed, and musinex. But I feel like everything upsets my stomach now. Anything I eat or drink causes some nausea. It really sucks.


CalmButAntsy t1_j3a8yut wrote

I took the same exact meds but also took allegra D. I have morning nausea that I haven’t had in years. I also lost my taste and sense of smell. The kefir has helped settle my stomach but it feels like its going to be a process to return to normal. And that’s cause I was tripled vaxd and only had a mild case. Oddly enough my tolerance to nicotine changed also.


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-UnicornFart t1_j383a93 wrote

Okay but that is what antibiotics do? And why are people being treated for a viral illness with antibiotics?

What is happening here?


914safbmx t1_j3g9oy9 wrote

antibiotics have powerful anti inflammatory effects and often relieve alot of common covid symptoms. not defending antibiotic usage here, just saying. most docs are just gonna do whatever gets them good online reviews these days


-UnicornFart t1_j3h3o2h wrote

Lots of things have powerful anti inflammatory effects.


whorgans t1_j3a7ygf wrote

I know when Covid first started, they were prescribing z-packs to prevent secondary infections. I saw that a lot on the news at least. But antibiotics really shouldn’t be taken preemptively, just when you’re sure there is a bacterial infection.


carlitospig t1_j3m5wjg wrote

I swear this is how my Fibro started - which is interesting since they now say there’s a distinct myalgia component to long Covid.

Take your probiotics kids!


chrisdavis211 t1_j35jl9q wrote

Does this tie to last 2 times my 2 year old kid had it, his poops smelled so god awful. This is the same for someone else I know with a toddler.