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AzLibDem t1_j5uy0lk wrote

>It can't get much worst

Since we have no truly long-term studies, I would resist saying that, especially since the cited study suggests alterations to gene levels.


AadamAtomic t1_j5uz92p wrote

We know what it's made of.....

It's mostly vegetable glycerine which is in most of your food already and perfectly safe for consumption.
We just have never studied the nicotine effects on lungs without all the smoke damage and the saturation of glycerine through the organ tissue.

Vaping is still unhealthy. But it is factually magnitudes better than actual cigarettes that contain,

checks notes*

Litteral Rat Poison.


mrt53 t1_j5w5tjy wrote

We have no idea how the components of e-juice (which are not uniform) decompose especially given there are so many different devices that provide different levels of heat intensity and exposure. It’s simply more accurate to say we have no idea of the long term effects of vaping with no provision as to cigarettes. We know cigarettes are bad for your health so you’re welcome to take a gamble on vaping but we really don’t know yet.


1-trofi-1 t1_j5xkgim wrote

Hey water is in all your.foods and healthy.

Water in your lungs in a big no no. Please stop saying stuff like it is made sth natural that is everywhere.

If you take sth natural process it and then introduce where it is not supposed to be there are going to be problems


nobrow t1_j5v6t5n wrote

This is true, but consider that your quality of life is better with vapes. In other words, smoking leads to death, and you will have all kinds of issues all the way there. Even if vaping leads to death, you will feel and smell a lot better in the meantime. People shouldn't use vapes if they've never smoked. However, smokers should absolutely switch to vaping.