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Brasscogs t1_j5v8l5p wrote

Yeah they said the system was supposed to simulate 3 years worth of vaping for a human but I find that comparison highly dubious. High dose short-term can’t be directly converted to short dose long-term I believe. I don’t work with mice however so correct me if I’m wrong.


VaporLockBox t1_j5ve7v2 wrote

The roughly 3 years equivalency came from dividing the length of the treatment period by the median lifespan of the mice. 4 weeks / 25 months. So 0.04 x median lifespan of a human (rounding to 80 years) = 3.2 years.

For the sake of argument let’s agree that 4 weeks = 3 years is a good enough mouse-equivalency to define a chronic (long-term) span of time.

The other factors should also have been adjusted to mouse-equivalencies to avoid conducting a study with no relevance to human activity. Especially factors related to lung size and function.

Otherwise all that the study could study was extreme high-dosing and/or hypoxia in mice. With absolutely no application to even extremist human use patterns over any time frame.