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efyuar t1_j5v9lwt wrote

How long is enough long to do proper research on the effects of a product use? I switched from normal cigarettes to vaping 7 years ago and I would like to participate in a meaningful research as to discover effects of vaping. I am so sick and tired of these kind of non-concerete researches and their vague findings, if you call this a finding at all. As many said in this post, any change in the environment where you breath air causes protein levels to change in lungs


moldyfishfinger t1_j5whrca wrote

I've managed to convince myself at this point that every test they've done was at some crazy high temperatures or other unrealistic scenarios. The likely reality is it's probably just certain additives or cheap materials in wicks that get used that is going to be the real culprit, not necessarily just "vaping".


DontToewsMeBro2 t1_j5wt2kp wrote

Yeah they are focused on the juice & nicotine but the hardware used just slips by


tastehbacon t1_j5zy6h7 wrote

Well nictotine on its own will ruin your sexual function with time fwiw