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1-trofi-1 t1_j6035ln wrote

OK whatever, some people believe also that the earth is flat.

We don't cater to them our whole policy and existence


VaporLockBox t1_j605pcr wrote

Exactly. The two studies use data to generate false conclusions but are not comparable because they are not identical in every aspect but both have comparable made up effects which is not real but is real so that more money can be raised to conduct more studies which won’t impact policy because Wakefield’s conclusions only use false data to generate a large enough false conclusions to raise more funds for more studies with false conclusions and shouldn’t be criticized but should be criticized because we shouldn’t cater to them on policy or existence as you correctly point out.


1-trofi-1 t1_j609nmj wrote

Not exsclty and we agree to disagree. They are not comparable.


VaporLockBox t1_j60af9r wrote

People can disagree without being disagreeable. Which is in comparison to much discourse which is also not comparable for obviously comparable but not commensurate reasons.