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jonnyozo t1_j6nq35p wrote

Also being hungry and sleepy at the same time can exacerbate aggression . This pattern persists adding additional environmental factors such as working being around people , working around other people or a hunger headache .


creamonbretonbussy t1_j6pij5c wrote

I noticed my irritability skyrocketed when I went two days without sleep and then I drank a metric fuckton of caffiene so I could try to make it through the rest of the day.


Either_Vacation6975 t1_j6pfuym wrote

>working around other people or a hunger headache .

Throw in a hangover and you're looking at me about 4 years ago.


Rarely_Sober_EvE t1_j6nwwph wrote

A reminder that sometimes super obvious things everyone knows and tells you are not actually true.

This just wasn't one of those times.


Mlpaddict t1_j6nwmyu wrote

Anecdotally slept like crap last night. Am extremely irritable at the moment. Glad to be home by myself because I'm miserable company.

Edited to add: going to do the only thing that helps (besides Ibuprofen) and take a nap.


Ok-Beautiful-8403 t1_j6o0aex wrote

Right there with you. Time for some hot green tea. No naps here :(


Tactically_Fat t1_j6ok9bo wrote

Try drinking a nice cool glass of water ever few hours. It really helps me.


theman1119 t1_j6omhi0 wrote

It's clean. It's cold. Now that's what I call high-quality H2O


markatt83 t1_j6o6u1z wrote

Every semester I have a conversation with my students. The conversation goes something like this…. “You have a prefrontal cortex and it helps regulate your emotions. It therefore keeps you in emotional control throughout your day. The prefrontal cortex is the only part of your brain that needs sleep during the night. Since it’s the goal keeper of your emotions this is why you have wild dreams that make little sense. Have you ever been falling asleep and you ate a twizzler earlier in the day, then all of the sudden right before you fall asleep, you have the thought that you’re driving a twizzler down the freeway and running over puppy dogs?” My students usually laugh. Then I say, “That’s because your prefrontal cortex is going to sleep and the rest of your brain decides to let all the regulated thoughts go at once.” My students begin to understand. Then I ask, “What about days where you don’t get enough sleep. Are you good at controlling your emotions those days? Do you cry more on those days?” They typically respond with a “Yes.” I then say, “This is why the iPad, iPhone, and tablet need to be in the kitchen when you go to bed. These devices over time will rob years from your life if they are constantly disrupting your sleep patterns. It could also cost you relationships overtime.” They are always understanding of what I’m saying. It’s a shock to me. Then I yell at them for not singing in tune but they still realize how much I care. Ha ha ha!


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chrisdh79 OP t1_j6ngqdz wrote

From the article: A lack of quality sleep can cause aggressive behavior, according to recent longitudinal findings published in the journal Biological Psychology. Brain imaging data revealed that the effect may be related to reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex and increased activity in the limbic regions.

Good sleep is paramount to the healthy functioning of our brains and bodies. Studies have shown that a lack of quality sleep can hinder our ability to regulate our thoughts and emotions and inflict consequences on our behavior. One of these consequences might be increased aggression.

While multiple studies have indicated a link between poor sleep and aggressive behavior, the direction of this relationship remains unclear — does poor sleep actually cause aggressive behavior? Study authors Haobo Zhang and Xu Lei conducted a longitudinal study to attempt to answer this question. Through neuroimaging data, they also explored the potential brain mechanism responsible for the relationship between sleep and aggression.

“As sleep plays an important role in the physical and mental health of individuals, we thought to uncover the causal relationship and mechanisms between sleep quality and aggressive behaviour in order to raise public awareness of the importance of sleep,” said Lei, a professor and director of the Sleep and NeuroImage Center at Southwest University in China.

Zhang and Lei obtained data from the Behavioral Brain Research Project of Chinese Personality (BBP), an ongoing study of undergraduate students from Chongqing, China. They focused on data collected from two time points separated by two years. For the current analysis, the sample consisted of around 450 students between the ages of 16 and 26 years old.

At both time points, the participants completed an assessment of their subjective sleep quality in the past month, and a measure of aggression that included the sub-dimensions of hostility, physical aggression, impulsiveness, and anger. Students also underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure their brain activity.


Legal_Awareness1475 t1_j6p2k67 wrote

No easier way to piss someone off than by waking them up mid sleep.


KimbleDeckard t1_j6ozhx7 wrote

Now if only I could make people believe this who consistently wake me up when they know I've just gone to sleep, and get butthurt when I respond to nothing burgers aggressively.

"why are you so mad" "I just went to bed 2 hours ago after being up for 20 hours and I have to work again as soon as I wake up."


gh1993 t1_j6ns9lv wrote

Tbh if your sleep quality is poor this should be the least of your worries.


screech_owl_kachina t1_j6p5nwa wrote

Problem is, I don't really get to decide when or for how long I sleep. Going to bed is just a suggestion, and I often wake up before my alarm.


WriteCodeBroh t1_j6o3156 wrote

Hey f*ck you! I get plenty of sleep, thank you very much!


xX_Z-Bruh_Xx t1_j6oy13v wrote

Damn I am a pretty chill peraon with poor sleep habits imagine if I consistently had 8 hours?


arabsandals t1_j6pcid6 wrote

I can relate after my wife and I having the most intense fights in the middle of the night about who was going ro get out of bed for our toddler child that was allergic (still is...) to sleep. Fun times.


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tbryan1 t1_j6o66b4 wrote

I can attest to the fact that poor sleep causes problems. I take mood stabilizers in the form of benzos as well as their adjunct therapies. I suffer from extreme mood swings even though these drugs are used to sedate the emotion center of your brain. Benzos are essentially alcohol and come with all the trappings of it, which includes poor sleep.


Benzos are a bipolar medication (I take them for epilepsy), but can also cause you to become bipolar.....


Cindexxx t1_j6p4ay2 wrote

That last one is new to me. I could see it giving you symptoms but I have a hard time imagining it actually gives you the disorder.

Edit: yeah it doesn't. I see it can cause mania and hypomania but doesn't seem to cause both alone. Apparently it's hit or miss helping with bipolar, which makes sense now.



luv2fit t1_j6pc2ng wrote

Poor sleep makes you grumpy. More at 11.


RFJobs t1_j6o30j4 wrote

Some studies just don't need the funding.


Monkeyslunch t1_j6orf9h wrote

Why do we need studies for things like this?


momma3critters t1_j6nv6id wrote

Think we already knew that. Didn’t need to waste money on a study.


Substance_number_6 t1_j6ow4b6 wrote

Stop giving money to researchers to make this kind of obvious study.


mr_clauford t1_j6ns2xt wrote

Study finds that reading dumb obvious study conclusions on reddit is cringe.