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tbryan1 t1_j6o66b4 wrote

I can attest to the fact that poor sleep causes problems. I take mood stabilizers in the form of benzos as well as their adjunct therapies. I suffer from extreme mood swings even though these drugs are used to sedate the emotion center of your brain. Benzos are essentially alcohol and come with all the trappings of it, which includes poor sleep.


Benzos are a bipolar medication (I take them for epilepsy), but can also cause you to become bipolar.....


Cindexxx t1_j6p4ay2 wrote

That last one is new to me. I could see it giving you symptoms but I have a hard time imagining it actually gives you the disorder.

Edit: yeah it doesn't. I see it can cause mania and hypomania but doesn't seem to cause both alone. Apparently it's hit or miss helping with bipolar, which makes sense now.