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iceyed913 t1_j3ews4a wrote

>Overall, the study showed that inhibited sexual passion had a strong negative effect on sexual satisfaction of both partners.

The only thing resolute that can be gained from this is that not being horny is not conducive to a healthy sexual relationship. Well euh... Kudos


ruMenDugKenningthreW t1_j3fqvtb wrote

You mean to tell me that disagreements in the frequency of sex can have negative effects on relationships?


Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! What will those science folks cook up next?


InterminousVerminous t1_j3h7wtv wrote

It is nice to know that females with higher drives/more willingness to have sex/more obsessiveness over sex that are paired with male partners with lower/inhibited desire typically don’t have the relationship issues seen when it’s the other way around, though there are still issues. That’s one thing I got out of it, but I could have misinterpreted.