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BafangFan t1_j3ie4jf wrote

I thought it was about the science of how to detect the degree of Alzheimer's in a person ?

I'm arguing that glucose metabolism is a more insightful indicator of Alzheimer's progression than any plaques/proteins.

And I'm arguing that if glucose metabolism is functioning poorly, the brain can alternatively use more fat/ketones; and with a non-impaired fuel source metabolism, the brain can restore some of its previous function.


calumin t1_j3imrll wrote

That’s not what the scientific article is about.


BafangFan t1_j3j4jkx wrote

>Rather than Alzheimer’s simply involving increased production of Aβ protein, the more important issue may be a reduced ability to effectively clear the protein and stave off the creation of plaque-contributing fibrillary amyloid, Thorwald said.

>“These findings further support the use of aggregated, or fibrillary, amyloid as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s treatments,” Thorwald said. “The site in which amyloid processing occurs has less precursor and enzyme available for processing, which may suggest the removal of amyloid as a key issue during Alzheimer’s.”

The focus is still on amyloid plaques, is it not?