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YeahitsaBMW t1_j5powmk wrote

I will admit that I am torn, do I respond that, "So the areas that have more wealth are better able to manage resources?" or do I go full, "I think they just said the quiet part out loud, that they want economic parity and wealth transfer."


dumnezero t1_j5q21sg wrote

It's mainly about pastoralists (as seen in their citations). Something that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the topic of land use and wild animals. Have development while keeping animal products consumption and exports low, and you can have more predators.


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Ruthrfurd-the-stoned t1_j5q4xpv wrote

Nothing humbles you quite like questioning a headline only to see that the journal is Nature


BurrDurrMurrDurr t1_j5rzw9d wrote

It’s Nature Communications. While I think overall it’s a solid journal, they published 7400 articles last year.. that’s about 600/month. Nature, on the other hand, does 800-1000 per YEAR.

My point is I’ve seen some suspect science get accepted into Nature Comms but it seems a symptom of volume.


ImAlsoAHooman t1_j5se4h7 wrote

Evaluating the future impact and relevance of a paper by the journal alone is an extremely dangerous thing.


timshel42 t1_j5rodeu wrote

i can see it. wealthier countries eat more meat. and farmers with livestock tend to kill carnivores that want to eat the livestock.