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Redqueenhypo t1_j3lpfx9 wrote

You are at the same latitude as Ontario I believe. It is -2C there now, but 8C in London. You don’t want the Gulf Stream to halt.


mysteriouskiwi t1_j3mfcqh wrote

Yep, we're really quite high up, but our climate wouldn't really show that. Its very mild. No need for snow tyres or anything as we just don't get that cold regularly enough. Would be a rude awakening to us Brits if our winters went back to what our geological climate would be. Its always suprising when I haven't looked at a map for a while and remind myself that we are up in northern Canada. Just feels wrong haha


microwaffles t1_j3ncbdz wrote

North American land mass has the unfortunate problem of extending well into the Arctic Circle, so a cold air mass comes down unimpeded if the jet stream will allow it. I don't think British Isles or Europe could ever be as cold as Canada / Northern US


grumble11 t1_j3mtgag wrote

It is more complicated because the UK is a flat island next to the ocean, with winds blowing from west to east. Oceans moderate temperature even up north. It’ll be colder overall but not as cold as Toronto, which has a continental climate with a lot of mountains and land between the city and the ocean. Maybe Vancouver minus a couple degrees in London?