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mypantsareonmyhead t1_j65xlob wrote

Just for clarity, this is not a new discovery. This fossil discovery was made in 2011.


drewiepoodle OP t1_j65y3tm wrote

I acknowledge that I could have worded the headline differently to make it clear that the remains weren't a new find, but the study of its gut contents was


ObligatoryOption t1_j65zys7 wrote

No, no, it's fine.

> Near-whole ankylosaur remains found

Just like it says, a near-whole ankylosaur was found, and as of today it remains found. ;)


scotland42 t1_j66r48w wrote

>and as of today it remains found.

Phew, I was worried a bit for a second!


fleebleganger t1_j67ygry wrote

Uhhh-yes, found it does remain!…

(Nervously changes the subject)

So…curious…did you see anything big and ankylosaurish shaped around here lately? Just checking if we’d gotten another one because I know where the old one is….


x4ty2 t1_j664sye wrote

The process of how it was preserved is almost as exciting as the discovery.



CAMT53 t1_j68c3df wrote

Ankylosaurs were preserved in a variety of ways, including burial in sediment, entombment in ash from volcanic eruptions, and preservation in bogs or peat marshes. In some cases, the preservation was so complete that even the skin and other soft tissues were preserved, providing valuable information about the appearance and behavior of these ancient animals.


Protagorum t1_j6746hs wrote

Can it eat me? That asteroid saved our asses


nerdyamateurs t1_j66dfr6 wrote

Until you’ve seen this, you have no idea. I’ve never seen anything like it.


satinsateensaltine t1_j66rk6v wrote

I've seen it in person twice and he's just as amazing each time. The eyes look like they could come alive at any minute. It's a shame the digging that found it also crushed the hind end but what a find. They have a model of its head next to the case that you can pet and you bet I have.

Edit: also I was just in Drumheller last September and the same weekend, someone found what appears to be a whole hadrosaur just sticking out of the stratigraphy in the hills. I love that hellscape so much.


UrbanIronBeam t1_j684aih wrote

I highly recommend the nearby Dinosaur Provincial Park, do the walking tour. I learned that you can lick your finger and press, it will be a bit sticky when you peel it off if it is a fossil and not if it is just a rock. There are fossils everywhere and you actually get to try for yourself.


satinsateensaltine t1_j69vksk wrote

Geologists and archaeologists will sometimes touch things to their tongue to determine if stone or bone, porous or non porous etc. Not saying I would but it's pretty cool that it does work!


blahblahrasputan t1_j67l7l6 wrote

This is the one in Drumheller right? That thing is unreal! Also driving to that town is crazy. It's flat for so long and then boom a canyon with a town in it. So cool.


nerdyamateurs t1_j67s8bk wrote

Yep at the Tyrell. And you’re right, one of the trippiest drives in Canada is heading into Drumheller from the prairies.


IDontTrustGod t1_j671zkd wrote

With a club for a tail

And a back full of spikes

This Dino was strong

As an Army tank, Yikes!

~Dr Suess


Starfire70 t1_j67vbiu wrote

Love it. Anky had to be with the likes of TRex running around. There's a fight in the 'Walking With Dinosaurs' miniseries where an Anky critically wounds a TRex with its tail club.


Some-Redditor t1_j69a59w wrote

Note that this is an ankylosaur but not Ankylosaurus. No clubbed tail, smaller.


PetsArentChildren t1_j69958g wrote

I thought most fossils were bones, shells, and rocks in the shapes of living tissue. What kind of fossils are the skin and guts here?


dratsablive t1_j668dd6 wrote

Quick, Someone call Blathers.


Starfire70 t1_j67ve25 wrote

Wow. Looks like he/she's just taking a nap and could wake up at any moment.


FalseTebibyte t1_j67z0tw wrote


You're joking right?

What the hell is Kylo doing wearing the dinosaur suit? :)


Classyviking55 t1_j69vn64 wrote

I've seen this bad boy in person. It's one of the coolest fossils ever discovered.


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Opposite_Law1844 t1_j69uad5 wrote

UPDATE: It turns out that it wasn't an anklyosaur after all, but rather the remains of my bitchy Grade 1 teacher.


Waitinmyturn t1_j65ykkk wrote

What a wonderful planet we inhabit