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QuestionableAI t1_j3nqtjw wrote

Because their cheating SOs bring it home ... it's just more dominance, f*cking everything you want to and then back home to the Mrs.


nerd4code t1_j3qa5nl wrote

Or they internalize the abuse and take riskier and riskier behaviors as they perceive themselves increasingly devalued and estranged from loved ones, or the abuse can trigger latent psychological issues that might not have been actual problems otherwise. They may even perceive the STD as something of a “win” or wash if their partner contracts it from them.


Kelmon80 t1_j3q9k1p wrote

Maybe. I could also see domestic abusers and their victims typically coming from more traditional and/or less educated backgrounds, hence, worse sex education, if any.


LakeSun t1_j3rr41l wrote

Probably a drug use correlation too.


somedave t1_j3q78dw wrote

Seems a reasonable explanation. There may also be other factors such as a partner harbouring resentment if they think they contracted HIV from them.


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zedzol t1_j3r2esa wrote

Most likely because domestic abuser's are also most likely to cheat on their partners...

I haven't read the article..