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Fabulous-Ad6844 t1_j3r10wk wrote

When a country has Universal Healthcare they want to see their citizens get healthier.

When Healthcare is for profit, like in the US they’re fine with you eating crap.


jonathanrdt t1_j3qw3lx wrote

Solely based on sodium intake, doesn’t appear that they controlled for weight or bmi.


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KetosisMD t1_j3qy8k1 wrote

> salt

The evil white powder is sugar.

Sugar spikes insulin and causes salt retention.

No sugar = just pee out the salt.

Nothing wrong with lowering salt intake, but the killer white powder is sugar.

Final answer.

> reformulate packaged food.

ahem, eliminate.

You know something is bad for you if it has a nutrition label

Processed food is just sugar, salt, low quality oil and wheat. Lowering salt in fake food isn’t going to do much.


Dellyg78 t1_j3u437k wrote

Have to agree with this, studies back this up. I don’t worry about my Salt intake


oldastheriver t1_j3sxu1m wrote

you don't need more than 1 gram daily. If you use sea salt, then you need to use kelp also as an iodine supplement.