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mrnoonan81 t1_j3u6j16 wrote

Does this suggest that there are universal interpretations of music? Isn't what is considered "happy" music different for different cultures?


catpunch_ t1_j3u8va1 wrote

That’s what I was thinking. I thought traditionally in Russian and Eastern European music, minor chords did not have the ‘sad’ connotation they have in the West. I thought it was learned… unless they’re maybe talking about tone of singing voice or something like that


Zazenp t1_j3wmzqg wrote

This is part of ongoing research. Some studies have demonstrated it is learned while this study demonstrates that something innate may be at play.


brandolinium t1_j3uo6bq wrote

For realz. Reminds me of that whacko bit in What the $@&# Do We Know with the ugly water test. Like who’s subjective judgment are we using for this scale of change (ignoring the fact that any change actually occurs).