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BabySinister t1_j6h05a1 wrote

I don't know what might cause it, I'm just pointing out that it has been mentioned quite a lot that mental illness might be the driving factor, hence the usefulness of this research.


DTFH_ t1_j6io3ji wrote

And a large body of research counters that premise given the number of those mentally ill who never murder or shoot others which is most mentally ill people. For example if you analyzed the 'Community Mental Health Support' Waiver or your states equivalent from the federally funded Home and Community Based Services program through CMS, you would presume to see more shootings or violent acts from individuals on that waiver given its requirements but that is not something that is observed given you would have a solid control group.


Bruno_Vieira t1_j6h09lv wrote

Hmm nice. Thanks for explaining it, I didn’t know of this new wave of explanation for crimes.


terran1212 t1_j6j63bw wrote

There are elevated risks of violence associated with some categories of mental illnesses but they can’t be lumped together.