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manocheese t1_j6i13a4 wrote

That's easily answered by looking to see if the US has rates of mental illness above other countries that at least correlate with the increased murder rate. They don't. Also, mental illness rarely causes violence. It's gun and the gun culture that make the US different.


BabySinister t1_j6i2s1d wrote

Considering the mental health argument mostly comes from the NRA or NRA affiliated politicians I'm pretty sure why this argument is made. Still, its good to actually measure these things so that hopefully we can have a debate based on data. That is as long as we don't dismiss scientific data when it doesn't align with our opinion.


chesterbennediction t1_j6ihlj5 wrote

Where's the data on that? People in the US are among the most unhealthy in the world, have some of the highest rates of anti anxiety, adderall and opioid prescriptions and very little community structure compared to European cultures. It's a breeding ground for extremism.